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People are God’s gift to Mankind, everyone has the same body and soul. By respecting people He created we are actually respecting the Creator. Hatred leads nowhere, love, caring go a long way. Man has no right to decide which religion is the best.

4th International ‘Humanity Olympiad’ by Satyug Darshan Trust gathers momentum

An Olympiad to evaluate the Humanity Quotient (HQ) in individuals is being organized by “Satyug Darshan Trust – Faridabad”. As the name suggests this 4th International Humanity Olympiad intends to bring forth the innate Human Virtues and bolster the modern society.

This concept of a Humanity Olympiad received a warm welcome from Mr S.S. Ahluwalia (MoS, Ministry of E & IT, Govt of India) as he said that “Our Moral Character is the most important aspect of our life. We may run around and achieve a lot on materialistic front but it is human values that give worth to our lives”.

This Olympiad has touched and enhanced the lives of more than 30 lakh individuals in past 4 years. The event takes in school and college students and teachers and others from different walks of life.

Mr. Gyanchand Gupta, MLA Panchkula attempted the Olympiad with Volunteers of Humanity Development Club and emphasized that “Upcoming generation under the influence of contemporary environment is missing on greatness of human values and reiterated the importance of such Olympiad to develop the same in modern generation”.

Mr. Navneet Gumbar (Renowned Industrialist) endorsed the importance of Humanity Quotient saying that “Today students have achieved a lot on IQ front but need to learn importance of social values as it could construct Great times to come.” He further emphasized that 30 lakh is a good number but we should intend to reach out to more people.

With intent to reach out to broader Spectra of fellow humans, going green and following the path of modern Technology – The “Humanity Olympiad” has gone digital this year. The Olympiad is free of charge and anyone can give this Olympiad irrespective of age, caste, creed, religion by logging on our website

Students from Faridabad, Delhi, Yamunanagar, Ambala, Rewari, Karnal, Guhawati have already taken this exam online and responded warmly to this idea.

Mr Rajeev Pruthi (Renowned Motivational Speaker) encouraged the students to mandatorily invest 15 minutes in this exam to be introspective and know themselves better.

A student after taking the exam said that “Me and My friends are always running behind marks and courses to opt for future. But now we realized that being a Good Human is quintessential to become a good professional.

Many schools and coaching institutes are getting registered with this Olympiad ensuring that their students should benefit from this opportunity. Mrs Varsha Roy (Director – Roy Study Circle) emphasized that “A good education definitely matters but becoming a good human being is the biggest task in this world.”

Perpetual availability of well curated content, interesting graphical questionnaire, multiple attempts, instant result and certification makes this 15 minute examination highly introspective and great fun at the same time. Uber cool prizes like laptop, tablets, Smart phones et al wil be distributed to winning Students and Schools on Equanimity Day – 7th September 2018.

The “Awake Humanity” app is available on both Android and Apple store.

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