Police rescue kidnapped child – Kidnapper sees son in him

Special Correspondent: Sufi


Delhi Police have rescued a three old boy from a neighbour who kidnapped the boy and wanted to keep him as a son, the kidnapper disclosed through the course of interrogation, a source said.

The father of the child said that his son was playing in Shapur Jat Park around  7  in the evening after some time when he went out to check up he did not find him there. He rushed and lodged a complaint with PS Hauz Khas.

A manhunt was launched in and around the area of the village Shapur Jat, many persons were rounded up and interrogated in the connection.

After a long drill, the police zeroed in on one neighbour who happened to be friendly to the child. The neighbour Abedin Ansari of Girdi, Jharkhand was identified. Four teams were constituted and subsequently, one was sent to Jharkhand. The police laid their traps at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, New Delhi railway station, Old Delhi railway station and Anand Vihar railway station.

Finally, the police rescued the child safely from the possession of the alleged Abedin when he reached New Delhi Railway  Station by Magadh Express.  During interrogation, the accused confessed to having taken the child along whom he and his wife found playing in a park of Shapur Jat.

Abedin, in fact, planned to keep the child with him as his son. When he got to know that the police had reached his native place searching for him so he decided to take the child to Delhi and keep him in Delhi. So he took the child and boarded the train bound for Delhi and was eventually caught at New Delhi Railway station when he got off here with the kidnapped child.



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