Nazeer Foods awarded for Excellence Now in Connaught Place

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Nazeer Foods awarded for Excellence
Now in Connaught Place

The culinary cruise sailing for many decades has been awarded for its kitchen expertise in terms of preparation, fresh and sumptuous food and above all its quick table service with a deep bow, they wait at table. Here attitudeless and wrinkle-free nose stewards serve you warmly and with all hospitality.

This joint is the only and a few more across the city of Delhi that is known for its quality still intact. Nazeer prides itself on hygiene and of course food delectable enough to resist.

Nazeer Foods has been honoured with the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) award.

On the occasion, Haji Aftab Ahmed, the founder chairman of Nazeer Foods Pvt. Ltd. briefed the press about its long journey of more than 4 decades.

When asked how tough the competition is in the prevailing scenario with the ancient Minar, Nizam’s Kathi, Kake Di Hatti, the giant Haldiram and the like sitting in the neighborhood, to this he replied, “we rather focus on our quality food and quick service and of course prices that every family and individual can afford for the wholesome food.”

Long journey started way back in 1975 from East Delhi’s Ganesh Nagar with a small takeaway outlet and over a period of about 43 years it graduated to a complete food chain of family restaurant with 30 food cafes across Delhi/NCRs. Nazeer Foods will soon move to tinsel town that’s been long deprived of real and fine food.

‘This corporate culinary cruise in years to arrive will go panning across India.’ Imran Ahmed Managing Director and son of Ahmed gushed.

Nazeer Foods sells the best of tender, marinated and fresh raw meat which is soon going online. Anything whether it be raw chicken or mutton with a specially and exclusively designed packet of spices manufactured in-house is just a click away, that adds to the authenticity of the flavour.

Besides, delivery on the basis of a kilometer radius is no longer a boundary,it connects all geographical dots whatever and wherever.

“Nazeer Foods aims at hosting the best ways, we stick to the norms of hospitality and serve hospitably. We have a tall menu starting with all fresh hors d’oeuvres to the main course.

We have a special lemon toss to wash the delectable grub down the throat. Besides, we have kheer to serve you with before you bid adieu to the table. This dessert is our speciality.

If you are in a hurry almost on the run we conveniently make you feel comfortable with hot toothsome chicken spring rolls,chicken lollipop and takatak.”

Mr Ahmed elaborates. His tireless efforts and dogged determination made Nazeer the landmark in the capital. Ahmed, a man exuding humility expoundes crediting this success with the whole team the man truly trusts in, he seldom forgets to mention his GM (General Manager) Naresh Shukla who with finesse handles the whole show so successfully.

After this outlet on the outer circle of the chic Connaught Place, they are soon going to pitch in more around in the pocket.

The best place that alone rivals the like of antique Karim’s, the in Khan Chacha, Moti Mahal and etcetera for its authentic food and table service. It above all satiates your hunger pangs on a shoestring!

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