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New Delhi: Staying fit and toned with rippling effects of a chiseled body is what everyone likes but then it takes breaking a sweat to be in shape. Many live to eat but a very few eat to live and of course long. Body building and staying athletically fit are two different terms and again different is body building with a view to participating in competitions and looking in fine fettle.


Going gymming is as vital as choosing a gym, not only well equipped but also having a trained and qualified trainer. Talwalkar’s GIP Noida, Barbarian and The Gym in north Delhi’s Hudson Lane are the real custodian of health. The chain of Gold gym has also entered the arena to make a difference. But times have undergone a sea change so have the traditions and health clubs, desi or traditional akharas  run by the veterans like guru Hanuman, Chandgi Ram that trained the likes of Satpal, later shown on the global map have almost been overshadowed by gymnasiums adequately equipped with modern machines. And many more are mushrooming overnight almost at every corner of the street with trainers without any formal training but swollen arms.  These untrained trainers with superficial knowledge of muscle building, diet and work-out schedule, are busy minting fast bucks by giving PT (Personal Training) and selling food supplements.  And these unscrupulous trainers cash in on by promising clients to make them like what they want to look like.


Physical fitness training can be done anywhere and also in any age. Manohar Aich from Kolkatta who turned 100 years, bagged the first Indian  Mr Universe title in 1952 when there was no trend of such modernized and hi-tech gyms with sophisticated machines and he still works out breaching the age factor the main culprit.


Dibba, a lingo in the common parlance of bodybuilding, a pack of protein whether in a tablet, powder or liquid form has become common practice and easily available or made available by the trainers in gyms with a small cut, a given. Many gym goers are pretty obsessed with pumped-up biceps and six-packs this is leading them to risk their health with steroid-laced supplements.
Taking a closer look to find the makeshift gyms mushrooming in small towns or a swanky one in the metros where personal trainers load their clients with steroids to look good. Food supplement is no steroid. These protein shakes give one the desired effects.

‘One should not confuse food supplements with steroids. Work- out in a gym enhances your metabolism. You need  5 to 6 meals in proper intervals and most times you may skip, food supplement helps compensate the gap in place. Protein is essential to replenishing and building muscles that have ruptured and got exhausted while taking exercise. This can be procured from other natural sources like pulses, vegetables, egg white, tofu etc. Food supplements have different bases like soya and whey, both are blended and isolated forms and this depends on your work-out regimen. Isolated form is rather hard to digest. Talking of  the other dimension of the game is of steroids to bulge up speedily but then steroids taken for the purpose lead to certain complications and may prove to be fatal,’ gushed the veteran power lifter Bhupender Dhawan, a Dronacharya and the founder of The Gym Health Chain with 129 across the country.

Caffeine has been used by endurance athletes for years as a way to stay alert and improve endurance.

For some athletes, creatine supplementation improves repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting, weight lifting, or power sports. It’s taken before a physical bout.

Glutamine (L- Glutamine) is classified as a nutritional supplement and is not regulated or banned by most sports organisations. It’s used to repair wear and tear of the muscles involved in an athletic feat.

Protein Supplements:
Protein is a necessary nutrient to repair overworked and damaged muscles. Athletes and other professional body builders often guzzle protein shakes to enhance their endurance.


Most scientific studies and researches across the world have proved that regular physical activity leads to a higher life expectancy and better quality of life by shedding extra pounds and keeping the body in trim. The great popularity of gyms, fitness centers and health clubs shows that exercise has become an integral part of life. Usually,  it’s seen that those who go gymming face things like either they become cheesed off doing the same exercises over and over again, or their muscles fatigue soon. Feeling the failure, they switch over to taking ‘medicines or drugs’ so as to gain volume and strength. But this change continues as long as the drug taken stays inside the body and turns even worse than before when stopped, are the withdrawal symptoms one has to undergo.


Too many steroids of different kinds remain afloat in the circle of bodybuilding and some of them are available in injection and some in capsule forms. They are used according to the abilities of a bodybuilder. There are steroids, reliable compounds when bulking up and there are many that are effective as flab cutting agents. There are also steroids that are great drugs for contest preparations. For bulking steroids, one can choose anabol or dianabol, neurobol, menobol, sustanon, stanazol and among all decadurobolin is customary in the circuit. These steroids are rapid mass builders, capable of giving muscle mass and strength gains at an unbelievably fast pace.


The injection culture is reaching fever pitch. Wannabe pehelwans and models who want to be a short cut likeable lean on steroids. They have a number of side effects and at times fatal. ‘Any steroid whether it’s oil or water based stays in the body from 8 to 10 months and can be detected easily in dope test. One should avoid taking steroids in any forms as they have terribly negative effects like impotency, brain haemorrhage, trembling, irritation, short fuse, hair loss and immature graying, allergy and other hormonal changes. Girls may have the beard cropping and the voice turning masculine.  Besides, recovery and an injury take time to heal. Some steroids just for kicks may even take life. Creatine pre-work-out powder is very common among many buddings but then it makes stones in the kidney and gall bladder’ Dinesh Aswal Gold Medalist (Common Wealth Games) and a qualified trainer said.

For cutting up, Anavar and Primobolan are always on top of the list and such types are considered to be elite muscle hardeners. For contest preparations, the highly recommended steroids for this type of bodybuilding goal include Halotestin, trenbolone, and masteron. These steroids will get rid of your unwanted adipose tissues resulting in hardening muscles. Those who use steroids can gain muscle mass at phenomenal rates and this is what lures the younger crowd. It could just be a drug that contains nandrolone, an anabolic steroid that is legally allowed in India and banned in many other countries for their terribly adverse effects.


Scientific findings confirm bodybuilders having doubts about a genetic limit to the amount of muscle growth that supports the body. At the initial stages of training, muscle growth develops due to an increase intake of protein synthesis which contributes to muscle growth. This anabolic state is well received by the body. That’s why the beginners often achieve volume in the first year of effective training. Now take the other side of the game, even the most highly trained bodybuilders reach saturation after a particular point when the muscles stagnate and refuse to obey then they look to ‘chemicals and drugs’ for next round of journey. This can be enhanced beyond this point  through hormonal manipulation which may include anabolic steroids or the substances that affect the endogenous levels of GH and androgen. The anabolic steroids more in demand have proven to be an extremely effective way to overcome this natural barrier.
Many natural supplements claim to be an exogenous source of testosterone; very few of them actually work. These products are mainly the combination of amino acids. In medical terms, anabolic steroids are a class of drugs. They can increase lean muscle mass and bone density.  They are prescribed for patients with certain bone and protein deficiencies under strict medical guidance. Their consumption in extra doses could result in thinning of hair, beefy looks and, worse, malfunctioning kidneys and liver.

‘Steroids also have short term effects like muscular cramp, spasm, headaches, nose bleeding, drowsiness, and dizziness and sore nipples. In teens, anabolic drugs affect the ends of growing bones. In females, anabolic steroids have masculinizing effects on their bodies, like reduction of breast tissues, facial hair, masculine voice and enlargement of the clitoris.’ Dhawan tells.

A report has confirmed that the effects are already being noticed in hospitals emergency rooms. In the past two years, Ritika Samaddar, chief of dietetics at Max Hospitals, New Delhi has treated three youngsters admitted with adverse effects of steroids. Steroids disturb the metabolic system and harm the liver and pancreas. Too much protein can also damage the kidney or result in formation of kidney stones. Young adults are developing diabetes because of prolonged use of steroids.


You are exactly what you eat, if you eat junk food you are nothing but junk. Go munching like nobody’s business adds inches around your waist. This pushes the paunch bulging out and the tummy tucking out of the shirt which makes one feel shrunk within. Fats accumulate faster if no work-out. The tummy is the first to come and the last to go. This needs a rigorous training schedule and more importantly eating habits.  ‘Weight is inimical to a human being. It has many complications related to high blood pressure, obesity, cardiac complications. I recommend that one should not go about bingeing oneself on anything one lays a hand on. Sensible eating controls cholesterol level. Intake of calories will be taken care of by everybody and more importantly by those in 40s. If you cheat and snitch a cold drink, swallow a whole gulabjamun, slurp biryani or anything, this surely leads to layers of stubborn cellulite. In cities like Delhi and Mumbai where life is fast paced there’s no check on eating. People do injustice by skipping meals and hog platters at night which is suicidal.’ Prem Bahadur Johny an old time bodybuilder with Mr Delhi title 7 times averred.

‘Talking of iron game you should know as to how your body responds to the exercise you take. Don’t follow the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Lee Haney or Ronnie Coleman they may be the idol and role model but you cannot work out like them. Climatic conditions play a big role as far as body building is concerned.  After 40, one may go gymming but should shift to light weights training and more of cardiovascular training schedule under the instructions of a competent trainer.’ Aksh Dutta, an experienced trainer  and professional bodybuilder at MG Gym spoke.


More voguish and hot  is lean, chiseled and sharp physique.  Experts believe that cutting flab is not an overnight process. It needs a rigorous work-out and  strict diet chart. Fat burner should be kept at bay. ‘ I focus on hard training with proper fibre and protein diet and no carbs. Go brisk walking, jogging, sprinting, skipping,  twister and train with light weights with more reps and 5-7 seconds’ gap between two of  the sets.’ Dinesh  Aswal affirmed.

Laying emphasis on lean mass gain, Mukesh Singh, renowned body builder from Delhi, who bagged Mr India title four times lays emphasis on what to eat and what to avoid. He suggested cutting down on booze and beer. Fagging affects the stamina level. ‘ Drink gallons of water but in sips and gaps. Cut down carbonated water and fizzy drinks. Take honey and lemon with lukewarm water in the morning and go brisk walking for 15 minutes to get quick results. Besides, avoid much of caffeine and chromium’ Aksh added on.

‘We carry schedules like ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph training, it’s important to note that there should be two days’ gap between two major parts. Avoid cheating method, train the weaker parts at least twice a week. If you want to lose kilos, it does not mean fasting as it slows the metabolism, if you lose 40 percent fats you tend to lose 60 percent muscle also by keeping starved. On the contrary eat quality food, regular work-out that includes aerobics and swimming.  Cut down sugar and salt intake.’ Aswal concluded saying.

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