Doctor murdered at her clinic in Ghaziabad

Doctor murdered at her clinic in Ghaziabad

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A gynaecologist, resident of Indrapuram was found murdered at her clinic in Ghaziabad’s Makanpur. It is alleged that some goons barged into her clinic and killed Dr.Sarlanath. it came to known only when she did not return home late last night. Around 1 am her husband and her daughter went to the clinic to find out the reason of the delay. When the daughter entered the clinic she found her mother lying in a pool of blood.
The police also reached the spot and took the dead body into custody and sent it for postmortem.
Who committed the crime and why is yet to be ascertained.

The police are looking into the matter. It may be due to some personal grudge or enmity, the family of the deceased believed.

Senior police officials were present on the spot to take stick of the situation, they studied different angles that might have possibly led to the gruesome murder.

Dr Sarlanath hailed from Assam and she had been living with her husband and 3 daughters at her Indrapuram’s Nyaye Khand 2 residence. She has got her clinic in Makanpur by the name Child Care where she was killed. According to her daughter she was active online till 6, she even responded to WhatsApp messages but after 6 there was no response. The police are looking into the matter as several teams have been formed to track it down

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