Commonwealth Games 2018 gold medal winner Punam Yadav attacked in Rohaniya

New Delhi: Having won a gold for India in the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast, weightlifter Punam Yadav was attacked along on Saturday in Varanasi’s Rohaniya. It is being told that Punam had was at her aunt’s house when the incident took place. One of the neighbours of her aunt’s house attacked her following an argument.

Rohaniy police is reportedly investigating the case. It is being reported that there was a quarrel between Poonam’s aunt and neighbors in the morning, post which Poonam and her cousin were attacked by the neighbours with bricks with stones. It is also being told that the dispute between the two families is quite old.

Upon her arrival at the village, Punam received a warm welcome in Varanasi having made her village and the entire nation proud with her achievements in Australia. Poonam, whose village Dadupur is about 7 km from Varanasi city, was born and raised in there. It has also been learnt that Poonam, along with other relatives including the paternal aunt, were attacked. Her paternal uncle along with 6-7 other people sustained injuries while Poonam is stated to have escaped unhurt. She has, although, filed a complaint in the Rohaniya police station in Varanasi.

Earlier in the Gold Coast Games, India won gold for the fourth consecutive day as a weightlifter, Punam won this medal in 69 kg weight category in weightlifting. Punam raised a total of 222 kg (100 kg in snatch, 122 kg in clean and jerk) kg. It was India’s fifth gold and seventh medal overall in the Games at that time.



Weightlifter Poonam Yadav, who won a gold medal in the #CommonwealthGames2018, complained to police that she was attacked by neighbours of her aunt following an argument with them in Rohaniya

 “I was expecting a good fight but from Fiji not England. I was a little nervous when Sarah went for 128kg in her final lift. She was capable of pulling it off,” Punam had said after the medal ceremony in Gold Coaast. “But then it’s all about fate, I got what was my destiny and she got what was her destiny. Thankfully our physio was allowed inside for sometime for strapping my knee, I have slight pain there,” she had added.
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