Celebratory firing hits woman, recovered 2 rifles, 800 bullets, fmr JD (U) MLA with driver caught : SOUTH DELHI FARMHOUSE


Celebratory firing hits a woman, recovered 2 rifles, 800 bullets, fmr JD (U) MLA with driver caught

SYED WAJID (Delhinewslive.com)

It may be a stray bullet fired at a new year do, that hit a woman in a south Delhi’s farmhouse where this new year celebration with about 70 guests was going on. The police reached the spot and recovered 2 rifles and 800 live cartridges. An ex MLA from JD(U) is believed to be behind this mishap, reported having fled the scene. Whereas the condition of the woman, Archna with the bullet injury in the head continues to be critical in Fortis hospital Vasant Kunj.

The police have finally ‘detained’ Raju Singh and his driver Hari Singh. They are being brought to Delhi from Kushinagar. It came to light that these two were doing the firing, Raju fired using a pistol and Hari a rifle. The shell recovered from the spot which is believed to have hit the woman is of .22 bore that came from Raju Singh’s weapon. They even tried to fudge the evidence and erase the prints from the crime scene.

As per the source, the wife of the ex MLA Raju Singh’s wife will be arrested as well who tried to toy with the circumstantial evidence.
She was an MLC from Bihar.

Archna had warned the accused that he frequently fired at parties, as his old habit but if he did the same there he would kindly tell her to stay away at a distance.

Vikas, Archna’s husband met Sanjeev, Raju’s brother in Moscow and then their visits became too frequent. They would meet at such parties. There is one Remender who also helped them wipe the crime scene, he too will be nabbed soon.

There were around 30 people on the dance floor, Raju came onto the floor and fired 5 rounds, one bullet strayed and hit the woman, he didn’t stop at it and continued firing another spell of 5 rounds.

Police say Raju for a kick did such fire shots at dos.
He continued the ritual here as well.
Several teams have been constituted, one team has been sent to Bihar as Raju Singh who fired at the party hails from Bihar.
The incident occurred at Rose farmhouse in Fatehpur Beri, Maandi village on the night of December 31 last year.

It’s alleged that no sooner did it clock 12 than the man mentioned fired five rounds into the air and one bullet (accidentally or intentionally not yet known) hit the woman in the head at the party. She was rushed to Fortis, Vasant Kunj by her husband Vikas Gupta. According to the police sources, the call, the police received, was made by the hospital. In a complaint lodged by Vikas Gupta named Raju Singh who did the firing there. The Fatehpur Beri police registered the complaint under relevant sections attempt to kill and Arms act. The manhunt is on to nab the absconding accused, Raju. This farmhouse belongs to Raju’s mother.

Now, the police are trying to establish facts as to who hosted the party and who invited Vikas and his wife to the bash. The police have taken the CCTV footage of the farmhouse into custody and trying to plug the chinks.

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