6 Students Sexually Abused by School Staff : Haryana

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Rohtak Gurukul

6 students sexually abused by school staff

Admin tight-lipped

Six students of a school in Haryana’s Rohtak have been the victim of sexual abuse for the past 5 months. These students were frightened enough to speak out to anyone.

They couldn’t keep it for long. On the day of Rakshabandhan, those who were exploited disclosed everything to their parents and guardians when they came to the ‘gurukul’.

Let’s hear what all these victims have to say…

Now the police have swung into action and filed an FIR in this case. As many as 10 persons have been named in the FIR registered.

A medical examination was conducted on the students who were sexually exploited.

The statement under criminal procedure of law (CrPC) of sec.164 before the magistrate was recorded.
The police have registered a case against three non-teaching staff members of the school.

It’s alleged that the students even told the authority about the ‘act’ but they turned a deaf ear and no action was taken.
On the other hand, the parents and guardians of the students are vehemently protesting against the school admin and demanding justice.

They added saying whosever is responsible must be taken to task, none should be spared.

This sprawling campus with more than 200 students lies in 6 acres of land, it has been running since 1991. It has a hostel accommodating hundreds of students with 3 wardens deputed to take care of it. One warden is supposed to be heading a group of 50 students. The school admin comprises 36 teaching members.

The founder chairman was quoted as saying that there were some students involved in a mischievous activity of this nature, the investigation is on in this connection.

Acharya Haridutt, told us “the incident has come to light and probe is on in this connection. It’s a matter of investigation and the picture will be clear only after the probe is over. Sometimes students apply such tactics when they want to run away from the gurukul. We do take cognizance of such grave issues and take action.”

On the one hand, some students say that there was no such incident. On the other hand, some say there was an episode of this nature they even reported the matter to the school admin but no action was taken.

“There are never such cases. However, students play a kind of trick with intent to run away from here. We seriously follow the norms of gurukul and avoid any controversy whatsoever that may bring us bad name.”A warden said
The matter is being probed by the police. Proper police investigation will unravel the mystery.

As of now the picture is rather blur.

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